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Chinese Zodiac: Meet the Pisces Water Tiger

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

People who are Pisces and were born in 2022 and 1962 are a Pisces Water Tiger.

The Pisces Water Tiger is so full of great ideas, plans and endeavours, and they’re also fantastic at implementing their brilliant concepts. However, they're not the most practical characters so bringing them to fruition is difficult.

They're so creative but are lacking the business side of the brain. Their intentions are so honourable, their heart and soul are absolutely in the right place and they will do anything for anyone, but in order to achieve any degree of success, they tend to require an army of support.

There is vulnerability here, because these characters aren't strong and they're not blessed with the greatest self-belief; they are also sensitive and worrisome. What they need, very simply, is love, assurance and encouragement in any order, and that, aligned with their inherent creativity, has the potential to see them realise their dreams.

Other types of Tiger in the Chinese zodiac include:

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