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Pete Davidson's BDE energy can be explained by his Chinese and Western zodiac sign

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Pete Davidson was born November 16, 1993. The SNL comedian, from Staten Island, is a Scorpio Water Rooster in combined astrology.

The Scorpio Water Rooster is a deep, mysterious, intense, passionate and without question one of the most creative characters in the Cosmic Fusion system.

Pete Davidson on SNL Credit: NBC Peacock

The word 'secrecy' is a kind of magical, mystical, mysterious word that conjures up all sorts of images in our minds. Well, these souls take secrecy to that mystical level. You really won't have even the slightest clue as to what is going on in these characters' minds. They simply won't tell you.

If ever there was a human being who was virtually impossible to fathom, it's the Scorpio Water Rooster. The mystery that surrounds them is ongoing. You wouldn't be faulted for thinking that there was something seriously wrong with these characters. They love isolation, they adore their own space, they don't need anyone else and they're perfectly content with their own company.

This is all true, so relax, there's nothing wrong with them at all, it's just the way of the Water Rooster, and the secrecy of the Scorpio adds to that mystique. If they do have a creative bent, it could easily be on a genius level and they should be encouraged to pursue every last creative ambition.

These are beautiful, creatively brilliant, kind, thoughtful, understanding, empathetic, passionate, intense, loving, gorgeous humans. They need a lot of love, affection and reassurance. It's a thankless task as they tend not to acknowledge affection but they secretly love it.

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