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One Tree Hill: Are you team Lucas and Peyton or Lucas and Brooke? Find out what astrology says

There is nothing like this kind of storyline on a teen drama, though a love triangle on any TV show is likely to be exciting and engaging.

One Tree Hill is a teen drama that has an extremely well-executed love triangle. The nine-season series allowed viewers to get to know a group of close friends who, sure, occasionally dated one another.

Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill. Photo credit: Deposit Photos and s_bukley

Three of the central figures, Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton), Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush), and Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) were entangled in a love triangle throughout a lot of the show.

What adds more spice to the situation? The friendship between Peyton and Brooke. Find out what astrology says about all their personalities and compatibilities.

What is Lucas' Cosmic Fusion sign?

Lucas Scott born on May 20, 1988 is a Taurus Earth Dragon in Western and Chinese zodiac.

He is determined, steadfast, loyal and stable. As an Earth sign ruled by Venus, Taurus individuals are devoted and dedicated to practically everyone.

The Earth Dragon has self-control, is proactive, comprehensive, unhurried, and more capable of seeing a task through to completion than other dragons. He is aristocratic, composed, and not prone to arguments. Yet if you undermine his self-worth, he will undoubtedly respond since it calls for self-respect.

What are Brooke and Peyton's Cosmic Fusion signs?

Brooke Davis born on March 4, 1988 is Pisces Earth Dragon in Western and Chinese astrology.

As an emotional Pisces Earth Dragon, Brooke constantly pays attention to her feelings. She stands out for her genuine kindness, even though she doesn't always show it!

Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer born on July 12, 1988 is a Cancer Earth Dragon in Western and Chinese zodiac.

She as a Cancer Earth Dragon has an incredible tenacity and power. The Cancer Earth Dragon is constantly fortunate, and they effortlessly accomplish their objectives. The only things that could get in the way are a bad attitude and impatience.

What is Lucas' compatibility with Brooke?

Taurus and Pisces are complementary signs in all but not in all ways. Together, the two are capable of creating a fantastic, peaceful relationship that is full of everything they both yearn for. They are both huge lovers of peace, beauty, art, and music.

The reason that the Lucas compatibility with Brooke is at 68% is that Taurus is a realist while Pisces is a hopeless romantic. Pisces may anticipate receiving lengthy, romantic letters, homemade presents, and words of adoration (think: the stuff out of romance novels). Taurus will not give them that since they frown at gooey devotion. Physical touch and acts of service are the love languages of Taurus. They show Pisces that they care by kissing them in the morning and cooking their lunch before they leave for work, but Pisces might not think it's enough. Taurus will grow resentful since nothing they accomplish is good enough.

What is Lucas' compatibility with Peyton?

Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer are 73% compatible.

When Lucas Scott (Taurus) and Taurus first meet, it's love at first sight. Due to their comparable temperaments, energy levels, and life goals, they make an excellent combination. They both have strong sex drives, protective personalities, and design sensibilities that keep them fascinated for a while.

The bluntness of Taurus and the sensitivity of Cancer may be a problem for this relationship. Taurus doesn't like to mix words and typically just expresses their emotions without any self-editing or consideration for others' feelings. There are many sentiments and emotions in Cancer. Taurus can seriously offend Cancer and start a conflict if they say something insensitive, even unintentionally. The least emotional sign, Taurus, will nevertheless be taken aback or even irritated by Cancer's strong emotional response

Who did Lucas end up with in One Tree Hill? (Spoilers!)

The TV series ended after nine seasons. In the final season, Lucas and Peyton had left the show, but they returned for the series finale.

In the finale, Lucas returns to Tree Hill to help Haley deal with a family crisis. During his visit, he reconnects with his old flame Brooke, who is now married to his friend Julian. Brooke, who has previously been in love with Lucas, is now in a happy relationship with Julian.

In the final scene, Lucas meets with Peyton and Brooke on a bridge overlooking the river, and they reminisce about their high school years. Lucas tells them that he's been working on a new book, which is a love letter to Tree Hill and all of the people who live there. As they watch the sunset, Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke hold hands and look out over the river, symbolizing the enduring bond of their friendship.

The show ends with a voiceover from Lucas, in which he reflects on the lessons he's learned and the people who have shaped his life. The final shot is of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball court, which is now empty and quiet, symbolizing the end of an era.

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