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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: What do their Taurus zodiac signs mean for their compatibility?

Since the spring of 2020, the relationship between actor Megan Fox and singer Machine Gun Kelly has dominated headlines. From what we can tell, they aren't afraid to let the world in on some intimate details of their passionate union. Before the couple announced their relationship in the summer of 2020, there were numerous online rumors of their romance. The actor from Jennifer's Body and the rapper are still making headlines today thanks to interviews and a bevy of red carpet appearances that show they have a seductive and alluring chemistry.

Less than two years into their passionate union, MGK proposed with an emerald and diamond ring. (But let's face it, we all anticipated this one). Despite months of split rumours, the couple were spotted taking a romantic stroll in Hawaii in April 2023.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the Billboard Music Awards. Credit: Deposit Photos, Jean_Nelson

Megan Fox - Taurus Fire Tiger

Megan Fox (born May 16, 1986) is a Taurus in Western zodiac and a Fire Tiger in the Chinese zodiac.

In any business, the Fire Tiger is the natural leader. He is prepared to infect anyone with his concept, energy, and indefatigability since he is clever and hilarious. He frequently just deals with things he likes since he is very confident in his talents, and if that doesn't work, he doesn't panic or get upset; instead, he keeps moving towards the objective. The Fire Tigers shouldn't rely on others' strong support in any of their plans or deeds because they don't always grasp it and are reluctant to admit it.

This strong woman won't stand for criticism. One can expect a sad future if they dare to disagree with her. The Fire Tiger, a strong woman, won't skimp on either strength or time when it comes to dealing with the perpetrator. She appreciates living life quickly and can repurpose many items for the day. The folks in the neighborhood will have a similar outlook on work. The Fire Tiger in all its splendor is a severe ruler and a strong leader. The person is also generally upbeat and hopeful about the situation. You can communicate with her since you share a language, but she isn't going to accept suggestions. Strong people are predators by nature, which is why weak people aren't interested in it.

Machine Gun Kelly - Taurus Metal Horse

Machine Gun Kelly (born April 22, 1990) is a Taurus in Western zodiac and a Horse Metal in the Chinese one.

A Horse is impacted by metal by being even more independent. A Metal Horse according to the Chinese Zodiac is particularly impossible to pin down. Metal Horses fear relationships because they would rather live in the present and not worry about the future. Metal Horses don't hold onto money all that tightly. When they have money, they like spending it, and if they run out, they are skilled enough to get work right away. Metal Horses, though, frequently change occupations since they are no better at committing to a career than a relationship.

Metal Horses are especially well-suited for performing. Any performing career will sate the wanderlust of a person born under the Chinese sign of the Horse who is tempered by metal and will make the Metal Horse pleased. Being on stage is a terrific career for one of these energetic individuals because Metal Horses are no exception to the rule that horses adore attention.

Both (Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly) have Taurus sun signs. Since this planet stands for vitality and our very essence, having the same sun sign has its advantages. Because of this, the two may have important parallels, such as the Taurean need for continuity and stability.

Tiger and Horse are almost perfectly compatible. The self-realization of each sign in a pair will proceed unhindered, providing a strong basis for the growth of relationships. No one oppresses or represses them, so they feel free to act as they like. They have a friendly and respectful connection. The Tiger is accustomed to obtaining its objectives by a strong-willed onslaught, occasionally waiting for a convenient opportunity but more frequently acting quickly in response to the scenario at hand. The Horse, on the other hand, is more inclined towards constant work and success through constant motion for the sake of outcome. They do not outbid one another, nor do their routes cross at the same time.

In such a couple, the number of concerns and complaints is almost zero, the partners get along well in all areas, and disputes over minor issues are not common. The pair achieves success as a result of their combined high levels of activity, which also inspires them keep their union intact.

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