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Mars in Pisces 2024: Everything you need to know

Did you know that the month of March derives its name from Mars, the Roman god of war? Not that there’s ever been such a thing as coincidences in astrology, but Mars also happens to be Aries’ planetary ruler. This association with the Mars archetype gives March a sense of energy, action, and vitality. It's a time when we're encouraged to channel our inner warrior, take bold steps forward, and pursue our goals with courage and determination. 

Now, despite having the sun, Mercury, and the North Node transiting this cardinal fire sign, Aries season will take on a nuanced undertone when Mars slips into the dreamy waters of Pisces on March 22nd. Making its ingress at exactly 7:22 p.m. EST,  Mars is considered to be in detriment in the sign of Pisces, as per traditional astrology. However, when considering the essence of hot-headed Mars (i.e., rage, vigor, impulse, carnality), it explains why this astrological transit can be so perplexing. Similar to how we essentially surrender the “ego” and tap into other realms in Pisces season, the thought of Mars journeying through this mutable water sign leaves much to the imagination. 

Have you ever had a dream where you’re trying to run fast but can’t? Essentially, the weight of the subconscious realm can resemble the lagging sensation of swimming underwater. Similarly, Mars in Pisces’ receptivity is a delicate dance, where the highs and lows of our emotionality merge with the psychic undercurrents of our surroundings. A spiritual warrior, Mars inspires a unique synergy of strength and compassion in Pisces. Where the god of war would assert itself unapologetically by default, its journey through Pisces prioritizes empathy and sensitivity over the need to be victorious. Instead of charging forward aggressively, Mars in Pisces teaches us to follow our intuition when navigating our energy and actions. While tapping into the depths of our emotions, we find a source of energy to guide us.

This elusive transit encourages us to embrace the softer aspects of our nature, recognizing that true power lies in our ability to empathize and trust in the ebb and flow of the universe. There isn’t a race to get to the finish line, but rather a reminder to surrender to the journey of self-discovery. The fluidity of Mars in Pisces teaches us to be bold in the pursuit of our dreams while simultaneously allowing ourselves to be carried by the currents of life.

On April 10, Mars will meet with taskmaster Saturn, forming an intriguing conjunction via the sign of Pisces. This could bring about a potent blend of energies, challenging us to confront unseen forces and unconscious patterns with determination and resilience. Shortly after, on the 19th, the red planet will harmonize with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, presenting us with unexpected breakthroughs that could propel us forward on our journey. Before Mars' journey through Pisces comes to a close, it will join forces with Neptune on April 29,  amplifying the otherworldly qualities of this elusive water sign while inspiring us to explore new realms beyond the material world.

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