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Lunar New Year: 11 rituals to bring success in the Year of the Dragon 2024

In Chinese astrology, the dragon stands as the luckiest and most powerful of all the zodiac animals, symbolising strength, fortune, and authority. During the Year of the Dragon, this potent energy is believed to be at its peak, offering the opportunity for people to tap into its auspicious vibes.

To leverage the dragon's luck to your advantage this lunar new year, align your actions with qualities attributed to the dragon and follow these rituals. Chinese new year falls on the 10th February 2024.

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Year of the Dragon 2024

  1. Spring Cleaning Before the Lunar New Year, thoroughly clean your home to sweep away any bad luck from the previous year and make room for incoming good luck.

  2. Wear Red  Incorporate red into your wardrobe, especially on important days. Red is the most auspicious colour in Chinese culture, believed to bring luck and ward off evil.

  3. Plant Lucky Bamboo  Plant or gift lucky bamboo, which is considered a powerful symbol of prosperity and success. It's believed to enhance the flow of positive energy in your home or office. Water Ritual  Pouring water over your hands or walking beside water on the first day of the Lunar New Year symbolises washing away the old and welcoming the new.

  4. Eat Lucky Foods  Prepare and consume foods that are symbols of luck and prosperity, such as fish (for abundance), dumplings (for wealth), and oranges (for good luck).

  5. Feng Shui Adjustments  Make Feng Shui adjustments in your home and office to enhance your luck. This could include placing water features in the north for career opportunities or wind chimes in the northwest to attract helpful people.

  6. Vision Board  Assemble a vision board that represents your goals and aspirations for the year. Use images, quotes, and symbols that resonate with the energy of the dragon—strength, luck, and prosperity. Place it somewhere you will see it daily to keep your focus aligned with your ambitions.

  7. Manifestation Journaling  Start a daily journaling practice where you write down your goals as if they have already been achieved. This practice helps to clarify your desires and reinforces your belief in their realisation, tapping into the Year of the Dragon’s energetic support for big dreams.

  8. Dragon's Breath Meditation  Engage in a meditation practice focused on powerful, deep breathing techniques, visualising each breath as a dragon's breath, burning away negativity and obstacles, and bringing in warmth, energy, and light to fuel your success.

  9. Crystal Charging  Select crystals that align with prosperity and success (such as citrine, jade, or pyrite). Charge them under the full moon with the intention of capturing the dragon’s auspicious energy.

  10. Dragon-Inspired Yoga  Incorporate a yoga practice with poses that symbolise strength and flexibility, such as the Dragon Pose, to remind you of the dragon’s power and grace. This physical practice can help maintain focus and resilience throughout the year.

  11. Candle Magic  Light candles of specific colours to attract desired outcomes: green for prosperity, red for passion and strength, and gold for success. Focus your intention on your goals as you light each candle, imagining the flame as the dragon’s fiery breath bringing your desires to life.

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