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Jennifer Lopez’s combined zodiac sign underscores why she is a global icon

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Jennifer Lopez, 53, is a global sensation with a net worth of $400 million.

Although JLo has earned her place as a worldwide icon, arguably her combined Western and Chinese astrology sign proves she was destined for success.

Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Music Awards. Credit: Photo by PopularImages

Born 24th July 1969, Cosmic Fusion says JLo is a Leo Earth Rooster in combined astrology. Her sign reveals she is grounded, sensible, powerful, strong, moral, earnest with a big, albeit subtle, ego. On every level, the Leo Earth Rooster has everything in hand.

They're so organised and efficient but it is a little complex because Leos like to be frivolous and they want to be successful, whereas the Earth Rooster regards frivolity with utter disdain. It creates a degree of inner angst, questions like "who am I, what do I want out of life?".

They normally settle on the one thing that unites the Leo and the Earth Rooster, success and recognition, although there are also some serious parental instincts prevalent here also.

The thing is, both Leos and Roosters love the limelight, love recognition and that elusive success that we all strive so ardently for. These characters don't give that impression, because the steady Earth element disguises the fact, but they quietly like to achieve in order to garner that recognition. Leo Earth Roosters could be anything.

It may take a while for them to cotton on as to exactly what it is they want to do with their lives, but when they do, they feel unleashed, released, unburdened and set to conquer the world.

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