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Chinese and Western astrology underscores why Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood legend

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, making her an Aquarius Earth Monkey in combined astrology.

Aquarians can be a little flighty, disorganised, and not particularly ambitious. That change’s quite significantly with the Aquarius Earth Monkey.

Jennifer Aniston. Credit: afevrier

The Earth Monkey is outrageously organised, so disciplined and very ambitious. This bodes particularly well for this Aquarian, because when you add the Aquarians inherently brilliant mind to what is effectively a well-oiled machine in the shape of the Earth Monkey, you're looking at a bit of a superstar in the making.

Now, although Aquarians can be cold and distant, the Earth Monkey is a right little charmer. As a consequence, although they may come across as a little quirky at times, they’re certainly one of the more enchanting and engaging characters you could ever wish to meet. Such is the magnitude of their versatility they could literally turn their hand to anything. Their proficient nature will allow them to embrace, implement, instigate and complete any task they’re asked to undertake. Although the Earth Monkey is fundamentally practical, the Aquarian influence gives us a creative/performer feel. This one could certainly be an actor or musician.

They’re tough. You wouldn't know it initially, because their outward persona is quaint and charming, but you get on the wrong side of these creatures and you might regret it. Subtly brilliant and very impressive.

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