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Jake Paul’s astrology sign explains why the boxer and influencer is such a success

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Jake Paul is a Capricorn Fire Rat in Cosmic Fusion. Credit: Deposit Photos | s_bukley
Jake Paul is a Capricorn Fire Rat in Cosmic Fusion. Credit: Deposit Photos | s_bukley

Born on January 17th 1997, Jake Paul is a Capricorn Fire Rat in Cosmic Fusion's system, happy birthday Jake!

Capricorn Fire Rat traits

Capricorns are destined for success thanks to their love of hard work and money. Fire Rats are similarly beset with an absolute adoration for work and money. So, when these two come together in the Capricorn Fire Rat, you're looking at a character with a pretty impressive work ethic and a drive only us minions can admire from afar.

They’re a seriously industrious individual and incredibly charming too. However, that charm masks a ferocious, single-minded drive to achieve, to really achieve. Their killer trait is their work ethic, it is mind-blowingly impressive - vaguely inhuman, to be honest. These ones seem to have a seamless well of energy at their disposal.

They're relentless, they never, ever give up, they just keep perservering. They're impressive on so many levels. They may be a Fire element but they're not reckless like so many Fire signs can be. They love to have a good time and they love to play and socialise but their priority in life is, without question, their career. These characters are so driven and the thrust of that drive is success and wealth.

Born to be wealthy

Capricorn season runs from December 22 to January 20 and typically, people born under this sign are hard-headed and tenacious. Capricorns also have a secret soft side which unexpectedly makes them compatible with one of the most sensitive signs of all - Cancer. The accumulation of wealth is a real driver for the Capricorn Fire Rat. They can also be self-righteous and closed off to new perspectives. These characters tend to think that they are the most intelligent person in the room, which can make them lack empathy for others.


Those who are born under Paul's sign are known for their confidence, ambition and natural leadership abilities. Anyone who's ever watched one of Paul's YouTube videos knows that the man never backs down from doing what he wants - those are the Capricorn goat horns. Paul is often controversial, but he doesn't shy away from the controversy. His main objective on YouTube is to entertain his fans, and that's what he does best.

In love with the spotlight

Capricorns, like fellow earth signs Virgo and Taurus, are also notoriously in love with success. Combine this with the Fire Rat's diligence and you get a winning combination. A quick scroll through Jake Paul's Instagram and all of its financial and social flexes prove that. From the giant mansions to the fancy cars to the high-end Louis Vuitton bags and the more family-oriented moments with his brother Logan, Jake Paul is living the good life - and he likes it that way.

Jake Paul has clearly been born for success and for a life of being an influencer. He has the right attitude, and demeanour and was born to be in front of the camera. It’s no secret that he doesn’t mind being controversial, on the contrary, he enjoys the attention he receives from it.

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