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How to use Cosmic Fusion's compatibility feature

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The universe is a massive place, filled with infinite possibilities. Some of them might even be romantic. We all have that special someone out there, just waiting for us to find them.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who they are or whether or not they’re even interested in you. You might keep asking yourself “Are they the one?” - always unsure of the answer. Well, this is your chance to actually find out if your so-called soulmate is real or just a hallucination.

You can calculate your zodiac compatibility and compare it with everyone else on earth! Whether you want to know your compatibility with your significant other, a new fling, or even Channing Tatum, we have the answer for you.

Our app includes customised Chinese New Year horoscopes as well as personalised full moon and star sign season information.

The Basic and Premium versions of the app vary in terms of features, discover what one is best for you.

Test your compatibility with someone

Are you ready for fun? Take the test and find out who your match is. This interactive feature can help you understand the compatibility between all the zodiac signs (Western and Chinese). Whether your goal is to look for love or simply want to see where your relationships stand, this intuitive tool will help make it happen.

Testing your compatibility with someone is one of the key features of the Cosmic Fusion app. It allows users to enter another person’s date of birth and gender so that they can match with them. Simply click on the Match button in the middle of the menu, then choose either a friend, celebrity or test two other people against each other.

Matching with friends, family or celebrities is a fun and easy way to see who you gel with. You can also compare your sign against theirs to see how you differ, or simply match with someone else because you want to see the top personality traits that both of you share in common.

Test two other people

We are bringing a new zodiac compatibility feature to you! Now, you have the ability to test two people against each other (maybe you want to see what your exes compatibility is with their new partner! Not in a toxic way, just for fun!)

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Cosmic Fusion app. The most recent version is live and full of awesome new features - we are currently offering a 70% discount on our premium subscription.

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