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How intelligent are you based on your zodiac sign?

Updated: Apr 1

Being praised as a genius or intellectual person can be incredibly flattering, but it can also be quite deceptive. That might place a lot of pressure on you to perform well in everything. Yet, let's be clear: no one can excel in every activity since no one can possess all nine forms of intellect at their peak.

We are all bright in our own unique ways, but did you realise that your zodiac sign can guide you on the type of intellectual you are? Scroll to discover your intellectual strength.

Aries: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

The natural-born leader is the sign of the zodiac who takes the most risks, but this is no accident. Aries people have a strong sense of intuition and blind faith in their gut feelings. They are able to identify what they want to achieve, so every step they take in that direction is worthwhile. Their level of consciousness is higher than everyone else's.

Taurus: Kinesthetic, Interpersonal.

The Taurus sign is known for its body-smart individuals. Recognised for having strong bodies, which makes them perfect for rolling in the hay and other activities. They excel in interpersonal intelligence because they are deeply empathic and caring individuals who actually care about other people.

Gemini: linguistic, mathematical, and logical

They are first and foremost social creatures who excel at speaking out loud, hence their highest form of intellect is verbal. They have a reputation for being complicated and indecisive, but not necessarily when it comes to communicating. Geminis have among the sharpest logical-mathematical intelligence because of their aptitude for numbers, problem-solving, deduction, and logical problems.

Cancer: Nature lover, Interpersonal

More than any other sign of the zodiac, the nurturing people of the zodiac who adore caring for others—especially their loved ones—and possess naturalist intellect. Cancers are kind, watchful, and caring toward everything on our planet; their concern does not stop with people. They naturally possess an aptitude for cultivating plants and raising animals, they have a love of nature and natural intelligence for both.

Leo: Linguistic, Musical.

Because they are extremely adaptable and open-minded, the creative Leos can pretty much achieve anything they set their minds to. These characteristics make Leos more musically intelligent than any other kind, as they are essential components of both listening to and making music. They make amazing songwriters and musicians because they have a natural ability to memorise melodies, rhythms, and tunes.

Virgo: Intrapersonal, mathematical, and logical.

Obviously, the investigator of the zodiac excels at logical and mathematical activities and puzzles. The logical/mathematical brilliance of Virgos is at a level that cannot be matched by any other sign of the zodiac because of their patience, analytical, deduction, and observation skills. These practical geniuses are quick to form hypotheses and demonstrate their veracity. But they also have a great deal of self-awareness and common sense. Call a Virgo without hesitation if you need help winning millions.

Libra: Music, interpersonal.

No matter how cliché it may sound, Libras are all about harmony, balance, and tranquillity. If they don't have highly developed interpersonal intelligence, how else might they create the completely harmonious and calm life they desire? These sociable and engaging people are able to identify other people's emotions, and when necessary, they will give up their own happiness to make others feel better. They are also perceptive to other people's moods.

Scorpio: Visual/spatial, intrapersonal.

Scorpios are passionate people who are aware of their goals and sentiments, so they realise how much effort will be required to achieve those goals. They are able to see right through others and always know what one's genuine intentions are. These enigmatic beings also possess visual-spatial intelligence. They are noted for having strong visual perception and the ability to easily conjure up actual images in their minds, which makes them naturally adept in designing and creating.

Sagittarius: Existential, kinesthetic body.

Nobody has more questions about life than Sagittarius, save from Aquarians. These thinkers and open-minded people appear to like delving into great life-related topics, such as why we exist and die and what occurs after life. Sagittariuses are continuously seeking their life's purpose, and many of them succeed in doing so. Their bodies and minds work in perfect harmony, and they excel at making things with their hands.

Capricorn: Logical-mathematical, Linguistic.

Problem-solving comes naturally to Capricorns. One of their best attributes is their logical-mathematical brilliance, which fits their combination of loyal, sincere, and, above all, ambitious personality traits. When you observe a motivated Capricorn working hard to accomplish their objectives, you will understand the genuine meaning of ambition.

Aquarius: Existential, Interpersonal.

Because of their unparalleled curiosity, the thinkers of the zodiac are by far the individuals with the most existential intelligence. Contrary to popular belief, Aquarians are compassionate people with enormous hearts who not only comprehend people but also go above and above to assist them.

Pisces: Visual/spatial naturalist.

Nobody comprehends nature like Pisceans. They value all forms of nature, both living and nonliving, and they take advantage of every opportunity to be outside. Pisceans also possess visual-spatial intelligence. These extremely imaginative people have a distinct 3D worldviews and artistic abilities. They never lose their sense of orientation and are constantly aware of their surroundings.

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