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Here's everything you need to know about the planet retrogrades in 2023

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

You might be interested in finding out what more turmoil 2023 has up its tricky little sleeve given that the new year began with both Mars and Mercury retrograde. There will be at least one annual backspin on every planet, spoiler alert.

But before you panic, keep in mind that these phases are chances for growth; at least, that's what I tell myself as September approaches and seven planets retrograde. Even if it sounds funny, you should get ready by learning which planets retrograde and how to transform their dramatic energy to ensure a smooth 2023.

Pluto Retrograde - May 1 - Oct 10

Since this is Pluto's first retrograde in Aquarius, we are concentrating on significant changes that will have an effect on the future. Thanks to Pluto, we're not just wishing and dreaming; we're also taking action. Pluto retrograde can help us make some adjustments to these major shifts, which may have already started at that point. We must be adaptable because certain advancements might have appeared out of nowhere. Pluto's return to Capricorn due to the retrograde may rekindle some momentum for the transformation of the institutions, governments, and structures that surround us. Since this has been a major focus for more than ten years, Pluto, at the end of Capricorn gives us one last chance to finish it.

Saturn Retrograde - Jun 17 - Nov 4

The entire 2023 Saturn retrograde occurs in Pisces, a new sign for Saturn. Pisces is a karmic sign, and Saturn retrograde can be fairly karmic, so this might be a particularly karmic time when we're more aware of the subtle forces around us as well as the path we should be taking. It can be very beneficial to let go of emotional problems, energetic muck, and karmic debt during this Saturn retrograde. Since Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is linked to endings, take some time to think things over, be introspective, tap into your subconscious, and determine what you can let go of.

Neptune Retrograde - Jun 30 - Dec 6

With Neptune in Pisces, the sign it naturally controls, the legendary fog of Neptune retrograde has been much more prevalent. It might be challenging to see what is directly in front of us, and we sometimes don't consider things closely enough. Karmic energy might be extremely potent during this Neptune retrograde because Saturn is also in Pisces. There may be karmic occurrences, fated developments, and encounters as a result of our collective increased awareness of this.

Venus Retrograde - July 22 - Sep 3

Leo is the sign of love and romance, and Venus is the planet of those things. Venus is retrograde, which means it directly attacks love. As a result, we could find it difficult to openly and healthily express the love we feel. This could be an excellent time to get back in touch with former loves and your own heart. If you have kids, they'll probably act out more, so try to be patient with them.

Mercury Retrograde - Aug 23 - Sep 15

One of the signs Mercury naturally controls is Virgo. This indicates that stress levels are greatly increased, that we have far too much on our plates, and that we are being far too harsh on ourselves. We're probably taking on too much work, too many projects, and constantly adding to our to-do list, which just makes us stressed out. We all need to perform the necessary maintenance on ourselves and on our lives.

Uranus Retrograde - Aug 28 - Jan 27

Since Uranus is the planetary governor of change, Uranus retrograde actually slows this down, giving us time to adjust and give the recent changes time to take effect. The issue is that as time slows down, we could grow agitated and act out or rebel. Taurus indicates that the alterations will probably have an effect on our beliefs about what is valuable, stable, and secure. Be wise in your change-related strategies and move slowly.

Jupiter Retrograde - Sep 4 - Dec 30

Jupiter is in Taurus the entire time it is retrograde, which helps us concentrate on enhancing our sense of security, stability, and confidence. Jupiter's retrograde in Taurus may cause us to become more inflexible since we may not be as receptive to opportunities to change.

Similar to Saturn and Neptune, Jupiter retrograde can have a karmic quality, but with less haze and teachings. Reaching out to your subconscious mind and clearing baggage might be simpler.

The lunar eclipse of November 29, 2023, which will be widely conjunct Jupiter and be triggered by Jupiter direct, has the potential to bring about enormous changes in the areas of money, resources, stability, and values.

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