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Full Moon April 2022 - How the Pink moon will affect you and your horoscope sign

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The Pink full moon will be visible Saturday, April 16. Venture outside in the evening to catch a glimpse, which reaches peak illumination at 2:57 P.M. EDT.

The April Pink Moon is named after the pink flowers that bloom in spring. Other names for it include; Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon, and Paschal Moon.

The Pink full moon will be visible Saturday, April 16
The Pink full moon will be visible Saturday, April 16

One of the first spring flowers is the Wild Ground Phlox. These brightly-colored flowers are native to North America, and they often bloom around the time of April's Full Moon.

What does the Pink Moon in April mean?

This month the moon signals a time for change and growth. It's about newness, freshness, and letting go of things.

What sign Is the Pink Moon in April?

April's full pink moon will be in Libra.

When Is the full Pink Moon in 2022?

The pink moon is on Saturday, April 16, 2022, at 2:57 p.m. ET, but it you won't be able to see it until after sunset.

When Is the Next Full Moon?

After the Pink full moon, the next full moon will be the Flower moon on 16 May 2022.

What the Pink Moon means for the 12 Western star signs:
  • Aries - It's time to be ambitious and do something you've never done before

  • Taurus - Practice forgiveness and try to not be stubborn

  • Gemini - Use your extrovert personality to your advantage in the workplace

  • Cancer - This is a time to let go of things and embrace the future

  • Leo - Take action in your love life and don't settle

  • Virgo - All your har work has paid off, it's time to reap the rewards

  • Libra - This moon is all about balance for you

  • Scorpio - It's time for you to re-evaluate what you truly want

  • Sagittarius - Being lovers of freedom, focus on your social life and let work take a backseat

  • Capricorn - This is the time to be honest with yourself. Think about your ambitious and goals

  • Aquarius - It's all about your minds and harnessing your inner creative genius

  • Pisces - Embrace the creative projects coming your way

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