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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Our innovative personalised astrology app, Cosmic Fusion, has many exciting daily features including Daily Mantras, Tarot spreads, Zodiac quiz and the ability to test your unique compatibility with friends, family and celebrities.

One of our brand new features is our Cosmic Fusion blog, which covers everything from the magical full moon to celeb zodiac signs and astrological compatibility.

Read below to discover the different stories we cover at Cosmic:

The full moon has been an object of fascination and wonder for centuries, with people of all cultures and backgrounds gazing up at its luminous beauty and feeling a sense of awe and inspiration.

For those who are drawn to the mystical power of the full moon and its connection to astrology, there is no shortage of resources available on Cosmic Fusion's blog. At its core, this blog is all about exploring the intersection of astrology and the moon, delving into the myths, legends, and lore that have surrounded these concepts for centuries.

If you are curious about how the stars align for your favourite celebrities, then look no further. We explore astrological compatibility among the stars. Cosmic Fusion offers a lens through which to explore the dynamics of relationships and can provide insights into how two people might interact and relate to one another. Celebrity zodiac compatibility is a fun and fascinating way to explore the mysteries of the stars and the connections that exist between us all.

Whether you're obsessed with reality TV, addicted to thrillers, or love a good old rom com, we explore the zodiac signs of your favourite TV characters, Find out which ones share the same zodiac sign as you.

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