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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's effortless marriage can be explained by their zodiac signs

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski got married on July 10, 2010, during a private ceremony at George Clooney's estate in Lake Como, Italy.

The famous duo met through a mutual friend in 2008 and were engaged less than a year later, they were engaged. They have two daughters togther, Hazel Grace, 7, and Violet, 5.

Emily Blunt. Credit: Wide Leather Belts

What is Emily Blunt's Western sign and Chinese zodiac?

Emily Blunt is one of the most beloved actresses of our time and it's no surprise when you look at her Cosmic Fusion sign.

She was born February 23, 1983, making her a Pisces Water Pig. This character is an absolute treasure. It is difficult to describe someone who is probably the most beautiful creature you could ever wish to meet. They are one of the sweetest, loveliest, most gorgeous combinations that exist in combined astrology. That accolade is so utterly deserved because these ones have nothing but goodness in their soul. If they were made of nothing but candy, it would tally because, yes, they are that sweet and tasty and fab.

Emily Blunt is a Pisces Water Pig and John Krasinski is a Libra Earth Goat
Emily Blunt is a Pisces Water Pig and John Krasinski is a Libra Earth Goat

There is a mild naivety associated with these characters, they can be a little gullible, because they are so open and receptive to everyone and everything. They so want to believe in the purity and wholesomeness of everyone around them that they do tend to take everything at face value. Not always wise in the rather deceptive society that we inhabit.

The creative potential here is pretty mind-blowing. They'd make a quite wonderful actor, because their charm, presence and charisma are palpable, but they could literally turn their hand to any creative endeavour. They also make the most wonderful nurses. It is nigh on impossible to do justice to someone who, although they are sensitive and worrisome and not overly confident, is still, to all intents and purposes, the sort of person that every last individual in the universe would imagine asking to marry. Now that is an accolade.

What is John Krasinski's Western sign and Chinese zodiac?

John Krasinski was born October 20, 1979, he is a Libra Earth Goat. This character may be private and quiet but you're looking at one very impressive individual and, not only that, someone with ambition bursting from the very core of their body.

This character is so utterly driven and single-minded it's scary. You wouldn't know it though, would you, no, because they give nothing away, zilch, zero, nada. They aren't the most flamboyant soul but they do have a quiet, understated charm. Their harmless demeanour, though, is so wholly misleading. There really isn't much going on outwardly, all the action is going on just beneath the surface.

All the plotting and planning of the Libra Earth Goat's imperious rise to the very pinnacle of their chosen field (which could be as creative - probably music or acting - as it could be business) takes place covertly. These characters knew what they wanted aeons before their fifth birthday. They are complex though. They'll appear fairly strong and together (Libra) but they're actually amazingly sensitive and worry about almost everything (Earth Goat), hence the very precise plotting of their career and life in general.

They're not control freaks like many Librans, but they do need to be 'in control', primarily of their life. Do not underestimate this one. This is a quiet uber star in the making.

Are they compatible?

In Chinese astrology the Goat and Pig are extremely compatible. Both characters value traditional family foundations and strive for mutual understanding within the family, which is so important to them both. They are both very easy-going and for the sake of their relationship, both of them are willing to compromise for one another. They are both extremely creative which helps to bond them. Water is very fluid in the relationship and the Earth is very grounded, which compliment each other well. Libra and Pisces are very compatible so long they're able to have a balance between spending time together and also spending some time alone. Overall, the Libra Earth Goat and Pisces Water Pig are an extraordinary match.

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