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Did you know the Olsen twins are Geminis? Find out what their Chinese zodiac sign is too

Updated: May 7, 2023

Olsen Twins. Credit: Hello Magazine

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are classic Geminis. They’re basically two people in one body: they’re literally twins, they have successful careers in two industries (acting and fashion), and they enjoy reinventing themselves.

Leo rising gives them a natural star quality, the ability to connect and enthral an audience and a dramatic flair that adds drama to their fashion choices. The pair are also easy on the eye which is no surprise given they were born minutes apart. Their hair is naturally golden, light and flowing – feminine yet striking.

Leo's Sun is in Gemini, which is the sign of their ruler and strengthens their character traits. This ascendant position also reveals Leo's personality and how they interact with others.

With Sun in Gemini, in a time where pop culture is dominated by the dark and moody, the stars of Gemini have managed to stay sunny (literally) for years. They resonate with the best qualities of the star sign: intelligence, versatility and charm.

The Moon in Virgo lends itself to design talent, so it's no wonder that they have moved into fashion and jewellery. With four fashion labels to date, Virgos are known for their polished looks.

Venus and Mercury in Cancer are shy and sensitive homebodies, so although these powerhouses are business-minded (Mars in Capricorn, after all), they really love to be with family. They enjoy being in a loving environment around their loved ones, but of course, they also like to be alone occasionally.

The approaching Venus in Cancer is especially suited to feminine styles and beautiful pale colours like pinks, creams, pastels and also black.

Sun in the eleventh house is reminiscent of the Cancerian’s maternal and protectorate instincts, impulsive acts and a tendency to overspend was offset by their humanitarian efforts. The Olsen twins were praised for their commitment to workers' rights (ie full maternity leave for their employees in Bangladesh).

Olsen Twins’ Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Olsen twins were born on June 13th, 1986 with the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign of the Fire Tiger. Their primary personality traits are represented by the Fire element, which is powerfully expressed by their Fire Tiger zodiac sign.

The Fire element brings out their natural passion, creativity and energy. Both of the twins have dynamic personalities and are two of the most colourful, fun people to be around when they can keep their tempers under control.

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