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What celeb zodiac signs are you most compatible with? Our app reveals all

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Cosmic Fusion's unique algorithm uses your Western star sign, your Chinese element and your Chinese animal to give you the most comprehensive and accurate compatibility results.

With Cosmic Fusion, you'll have the best chance of finding your perfect match, who could easily be one of your favourite celebrities.

Head over to the app and select the "Match" button where you can test your compatibility with our diverse list of celebrities.

Choose what celebrity you want to match with and then just hit "Test Compatibility". The algorithm will take care of everything and give you their unique Cosmic Fusion sign and your compatibility percentage.

However, if you'd rather not do all the hard work, we've made your life easier by calculating your top 20 and bottom 20 celebrity matches. Swipe to the last page of your profile page and you'll find your most and least compatible celebrities in our database.

Start your journey today and find out who you are most compatible with on Cosmic Fusion's app!

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