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Astrology proves why Serena van der Woodsen chose Dan over Nate in Gossip Girl

Hello, Cosmic Fusion readers! Your one and only access to the provocative lifestyles of the elite in the entertainment industry. It's hard to comprehend that the Upper East Side has been ruled by Gossip Girl for ten years. Who would have imagined that we would become so captivated by her (or his, sorry) trivial antics so quickly?

Undoubtedly, "Gossip Girl" was among the most recognisable teen dramas to air on television in the 2000s. It was a contemporary soap opera for teenagers, full of scandal, drama, and style. Early seasons were sometimes compared to "Sex and the City," but for teenagers.

What is the compatibility between Serena and Dan?

Serena Van Der Woodsen is born on July 14, 1991, which makes her Cancer Metal Goat in the Cosmic Fusion system. Dan Humphrey was born on April 20, 1991, as a Taurus Metal Goat in the Cosmic Fusion system. Serena and Dan's compatibility is 73%.

Most people born under the sign of Cancer place high importance on their house, loved ones, and comforts. The most admirable objective for the majority of people born under the sign of Cancer is to protect and soothe their loved ones. Cancers are compassionate and quick to offer assistance to others. They do their best to prevent or sidestep disputes on their end.

The bull is extremely patient but always steadfast. They are incredibly resilient and can weather even the worst of circumstances thanks to their inner strength. They are very interested in art, crafts, music, and films and enjoy living a life of experimentation. The Taureans are portrayed as having a never-say-die attitude through their fierce tenacity. They would continue to dig and wouldn't stop until they had what they wanted.

Metal Goat is powerful and self-assured because of the strong impact of the Metal sign. The Metal Goat has a strong desire for independence and will probably use their sharp mind to achieve their objectives. The Metal Goat might be the hardest-working Goat kind in this regard. The Metal Goat may be less prone to readily extend their relationship, although sharing the compassion and loving traits of their sign. The Goat's unyielding character manifests as a reluctance to change in daily life, but it also encourages devotion and dedication in partnerships.

Taurus and Cancer have a very high level of compatibility. Zodiac signs that appear to be so dissimilar to one another can get along. Taurus' sensual nature is very effectively concealed since they are hesitant to regain people's confidence. He is drawn to Cancer's sensitive nature and his ability to express and control his emotions. Taurus welcomes the arrival of the water sign because it recognises in it the safety and security that it sorely craves. In such relationships, Cancer appreciates when the partner exhibits a natural tact and refrains from penetrating another person's private life without permission. These two can be fearless in their trust of one another because they are aware that they will always have a solid shoulder to lean on.

What is the compatibility between Serena and Nate?

Nate Archibald is born on April 5, 1991, and he is an Aries Metal Goat in the Cosmic Fusion system. His compatibility with Serena is 53 %.

Despite the different elements and temperaments, the compatibility of Aries and Cancer has good prospects. They are different, but they can successfully complement each other. Melancholic Cancer is constantly seeking approval from the partner, evidence of its value and need.

In turn, Aries also needs constant praise and a positive assessment of his actions. On this ground, there may be a misunderstanding. Aries can be extremely egotistical and will occasionally try to boss Cancer around, another thing they need to be wary about.

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