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Armie Hammer’s zodiac sign exposes his “reckless, power-crazed and charming” personality

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Armie Hammer’s personal life has taken centre stage for the past few years after several women accused him of cannibalism, rape and abuse.

Discovery+ new docuseries “House of Hammer” reveals the dark side of him and his family. Combined Western and Eastern astrology sheds some light on the fallen star's core character and personality.

Armie Hammer at the Oscars. Credit: Adam11051983

Born August 28th 1986, Cosmic Fusion confirms Hammer is a Virgo Fire Tiger in combined astrology. His sign says he’s an extremely complex character. The Fire Tiger is a reckless, power-crazed, charming, impetuous leader, a fearless street fighter.

It can sometimes get them into trouble and can garner enemies aplenty, but it also garners plenty of admirers. It's mainly the reckless impetuosity that undoes these charismatic characters. If the Virgo side of this character can discipline the Fire Tiger’s innate recklessness, it might be argued this is a world-beater in the making. However, the complexity lies in the modest, often shy demeanour of the Virgo trying to dovetail with the outrageously outgoing Fire Tiger.

They'll love lording it but when the crowds have dispersed, they'll probably retire to some silent abode and recharge, ready for their next blast of ego-driven mania. The Virgo Fire Tiger is two characters really, one is an ego master, and one is modest Joe. Impressively complex.

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