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Ariana Grande's horoscope sign reveals why she's a creative superstar

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Pop sensation Ariana Grande was born June 26, 1993, making her a Cancer Water Rooster.

The 28-year-old Sweetener songstress is known for her incredible talent and kind nature towards her devoted fans, which is no surprise when you look at her Cosmic Fusion sign.

Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards 2020 in Los Angeles, CA. Credit: Photo by Jean_Nelson

The Cancer Water Rooster is a creative genius. Creatively, they have the world at their feet. Water Roosters are without question the most creatively talented people in Chinese astrology. And, considering their ability, they're remarkably modest. Add the delightful Cancerian into the mix and you are presented with someone with such natural charm, beauty, modesty and ability, you're pretty much blessed just to know them.

What you need to do however is cherish them daily. They'll love solitude, may even appear distant at times and you will never really know what this one is truly thinking. We can tell you this, they are perfectly content, all Water Roosters are, they just may not appear so. They are a contradiction in many respects. They want, need and desire love, encouragement and reassurance every minute of every day but would they let you know that? No chance. No, you need to be something akin to a mind-reader to fathom these unutterably beautiful creatures.

They need to live in the country with an easel, a bunch of animals and 45 instruments. That is the Cancer Water Rooster's Nirvana. A gentle, sensitive, sweet-natured, confusing and so brilliantly talented soul.

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