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Are you more or less likely to ghost someone based on your zodiac sign?

You discover that your romantic relationship is flourishing. You are having a great time and are able to accomplish a lot of enjoyable things together. You also take pleasure in engaging in thought-provoking conversations.

However, one day you discover that they are no longer reachable. You have no idea what you did to merit such a rude response from them. However, you do know one thing—they ghosted you. They ghosted you, why? Keep scrolling to find out which signs are more likely to ghost than others.

Aries - Less likely

If you have a relationship with an Aries or have an Aries acquaintance, you already know that they require a lot of excitement. Therefore, if you are physically stimulating to them, they will continue to be loyal to you. They won't likely ghost you if you are willing to participate in their favourite activity They're too honest to ghost, they'll let you know how they feel straight up.

Taurus - Less likely

Now that Taurus is near the bottom of the list, you can relax if you have a Taurus acquaintance or lover. Taureans are renowned for being stubborn, yet they are also quite devoted since they grow connected once they feel at ease around you. When you and a Taurus argue, they will dig in their heels, but even if the argument gets heated, they will never abandon you.

Gemini - More likely

For the time being, your Gemini companion or partner may be stimulating and enjoyable. But keep in mind that, like Sagittarius, Gemini is a mutable sign (and they are also in opposition to one another), which means that people born under this sign are known to travel about a lot. Gemini may therefore turn to that if they discover something or someone else that may be more stimulating and forget about you in the process.

Cancer - Less likely

You are aware that a Cancer friend or partner will value your connection and look out for your well-being. Cancers are quite unlikely to ghost you because they emotionally connect themselves to the people with whom they are in relationships. However, if they sense that you don't value them, they'll let you know. If you continue to undermine their family and the people they care about, a Cancer may ghost you because they won't put up with it. But that's a rarity.

Leo - Less likely

If you're with a Leo partner or friend, you already know that they enjoy the limelight, but you put up with them because they're kind and giving. Leos are recognised for their loyalty, thus they are also less inclined to ghost. You must keep in mind one thing, though: Leo acts in their own best interests.

Virgo - Less likely

Virgos are shockingly sensible people. They are also faithful, in contrast to other signs with mutable modalities. In addition, like the other changeable signs, they have a reputation for being reserved. They will gradually warm up to you, though, if they see that you pose no threat to them.

Libra - More likely

You might be wondering why a Libra would ever ghost you as this sign is all about love and relationships. If Libra wants to be your friend or have a meaningful connection with you, they won't ghost you unless something unforeseen happens.

Scorpio - More likely

The likelihood that your lover or a friend will ghost you is low if they are a Scorpio since, once they get close to you, they tend to stay attached. However, if you have misled and lied to them, that is unacceptable, and you can bet that they will ghost you—or ghost you while also turning vengeful—that is if you have been dishonest and lying to them. Even if they don't agree with what you say, it is vital to always be honest with them. Even if you lie, a Scorpio will still admire your integrity.

Sagittarius - Less likely

You may be having a lot of fun with a friend or partner who is a Sagittarius, and they will likely invite you on lots of excursions. The problem with folks who have this sign, though, is this, Sagittarians are carefree and adore their independence. However, they're honest and upfront people so are likely to tell you where you stand rather than ghost you.

Capricorn - Less likely

If you have a Capricorn friend or lover, you'll probably stay close to them for a very long period. They won't ghost you if they decide they no longer want to be a part of your life; instead, they will let you know and explain why. Although they are known for being hard workers, Capricorns are also dependable, morally upright, and loyal. They will probably ghost you if you unforgivably hurt them.

Aquarius - More likely

You may find your partner or friend to be fascinating but distant, and you may have become accustomed to it if they are Aquarius. They won't handle it well, though, if there is mention of ramping up any kind of commitment, like getting married or declaring your Aquarius friend to be your best friend. Why do you think they ghosted you? You gave them the impression that they would have to make some sort of additional commitment either way, and that gave them pause.

Pisces - Less likely

Pisces won't ghost you at all, much like Cancer won't. They value your company on an emotional and spiritual level, and they'll stop at nothing to make you happy. Thus, despite the fact that you may have upset them, they will still make sure that your emotional and physical requirements are addressed. They will behave in a passive-aggressive manner or, on occasion, even lose their temper if they are upset with you. But for a Pisces, ghosting you is totally out of character.

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