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Aaron Paul's horoscope sign reveals why the Breaking Bad star is such a success

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Aaron Paul was born August 27, 1979 and is arguably one of the most successful actors of our generation.

You see that quiet studious one in the corner? The outrageously conscientious one, the one that never ever questions anything and is as dutiful as the most subservient being on earth? That'll be the Virgo Earth Goat. A boring individual then? Absolutely not. They’re possibly the most successful person in your midst.

Aaron Paul. Credit: Gage Skidmore

They may not say much, but for every word they don’t utter is an ambition that increases by the day. The Virgo Earth Goat is seriously driven. You won't know it, they won't tell a soul either, because they’re an extremely private individual but a private person who knows exactly where they’re heading. The master plan will have been in place long before they left primary school.

They’re not a loud, brash human, they’re understated on every conceivable level. They’re not a showy “hey, hey look at me” character, they loathe that. They’re serious and they’ve known it since they were born. They’re also very sensitive. They may marry early - a solid foundation and soulmate are very important to this one, it imbues them with self-esteem that is sometimes lacking, despite their overt ambitions. They’re a sweet soul and are without question a world-beater in the making. Their work ethic and ambition are gargantuan.

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